How Good Lighting Can Impact Your Home

One of the most important yet overlooked aspect of home renovations or décor is the lighting that you put in your home.  Lighting isn’t just there to create a mood it serves a purpose.  In smaller homes lighting can make the home look bigger.  When considering lighting you need to consider both inside your home and exterior lighting as well.

Lighting isn’t just choosing which bulbs to put into the sockets you also need to consider the purpose of the room, the layout and today you want to also think about energy consumption as well.  Let’s look at how good lighting can impact your home and how to make the best use of it.

The Purpose

The lighting that you want in your bathroom isn’t the same kind of lighting you want in a media room or man-cave.  The rooms in your home that are functional such as the kitchen, home office and the bathroom need enough lighting so that there is no eye strain.  In rooms like the living room, family room, bedroom or even the dining room then you want to be able to dim the lighting.  In rooms where you have dimmer lighting like the bedroom you can compensate with lamps to brighten the room when you need to.

Outdoor lighting serves another purpose it is there to keep your home safe and secure.  You want your outdoor lighting to light up walkways, porches, door steps and any other place where you or your guests come and go from the property.  It also deters criminals from coming onto your property when your property is well lit.

Working with Your Design

Not only should the light compliment your décor so should the light fixtures you choose.  Here’s an example, if your kitchen and dining area are styled in French country kitchen then a modern chandelier is going to look hideous.  Instead you want to find lights that work with the theme of the room, check out a lighting store and talk with one of the sales rep to see what type of lighting works with your rooms.

Layering the Light

In many of the rooms in your home you want to have the option of having the room dim or bright when you choose.  In the living room, family room and even the kitchen you can layer the lighting to suit your needs.  If you are having friends over dinner then you may want soft ambient lighting but if you’re helping a child with homework at the dining room table then you want bright light.  You can have an electrician install dimmers so you can go back and forth.

Energy Efficient

Energy costs are constantly rising and it pays to save energy whenever and wherever you can.  Investing in lighting fixtures that will save you money and look good is definitely worth it.  That goes for inside as well as outside. You can set your outdoor lights to work with a motion detector so you’re not lighting up the neighborhood if you forget to turn them off.  In your home you can switch to energy efficient LED lights and timers that will turn your lights off at a certain time.  There are lots of ways that good lighting can make a huge impact on your home.