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Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Getting your air ducts cleaned will help keep the air quality in your home clean during the winter months.  Dirty air ducts make your furnace have to work harder during the winter months.  You can have a buildup of dust, debris and even mold in your ducts.  Cleaning the ducts is part of regular home maintenance and should be done in the fall, let’s look at what you need to know before you get your ducts clean.

Once a Year is Enough

There are tons of companies out there that are only interested in selling their services and not what your actual needs are.  If they tell you that you need to have your ducts cleaned every couple of months when in fact the EPA recommends having it done on an as-needed basis.  For most homeowners once a year is actually enough.

How the Ducts are Cleaned

Most companies will simply use an industrial strength vacuum to clean out the ducts, it will remove all of the dirt and debris from the HVAC system.  However, some companies will recommend that you also use an antimicrobial chemical to clean and sanitize your ducts. They consider this an easy upsell, especially in this era of Covid but this is rarely necessary.  If you don’t have mold in the duct work then sanitizing isn’t necessary for good air quality.  That being said, if you feel better using an antimicrobial agent in your ducts make sure it is EPA approved for residential use.  Here is an overview of how air ducts are cleaned.

Get a Written Quote

HVAC or air duct cleaning companies often run promotions advertising that they will clean your whole home for $99 or some low promotional price.  You need to examine the fine print, there are usually addons or extras that run the cost up pretty quickly.  Get a written quote that outlines the services and their exact cost.

Vet the HVAC Contractor

Double check online and take a look at the reviews and testimonials to see what other customers have to say about the company you are potentially doing business with.  Don’t just look at Google but check with the local Better Business Bureau and sites like Yelp or Angie’s List.

You also want to ask about the amount and type of training that the company has had.  Hiring an unqualified company can end in disaster, your best case scenario is that you spend money and the ducts don’t get cleaned.  The worst case scenario is that they actually damage your HVAC system and you are left with thousands of dollars in repairs.

License and Insurance

Never ever do business with a company that isn’t licensed and insured, it will come back to bite you in the long run.  No company should ever have a problem with showing you their documentation.  Make sure they have adequate coverage in the event they damage your HVAC system.

During the winter months when you are spending the most time in your home, with all the windows closed, you want to have the best air quality possible.  Getting your air ducts cleaned will keep your home healthy.