Don’t Make These Landscaping Mistakes

Don't Make These Landscaping Mistakes

If you want to improve the look of your property then you start with your landscaping.  For commercial clients, good landscaping can attract good tenants and customers for the tenants in your property.  If you want to make the most of your curb appeal then good landscaping is where you start.  But do you have the time to be out there mowing your lawn every week, pulling weeds and planting flowers?  Probably not, that’s okay there is no shortage of landscape companies that will do the job for you.  The right landscaping company can take your property from ‘meh…it’s okay’ to ‘WOW’ in no time.

Hiring a landscaping company is a risk and if things don’t work out it can end up costing you money.  With that said, don’t make these landscaping mistakes when trying to get the right company.

Opting for the Lowest Price

Cheaper is rarely better and the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true.  Yet, this is a common mistake that both residential and commercial clients make all the time.  Good landscaping is labor intensive and it requires specialized knowledge of plants and landscape designs.  Good quality services don’t come cheap, this is not some teenage kid trying to make a buck mowing your lawn.  Going with the lowest price landscaper may mean you need to hire another company in the future to fix their mistakes.  That doesn’t mean that the highest price is the best either, choose your landscaper based on their skills and the project you’re working on.

No Licenses or Insurance

One of the ways that landscaping companies can cut their prices is by not carrying the right licenses or insurance for their business. This is never a good idea, landscaping companies use heavy equipment and there is huge potential for accidents.  If an accident happens on your property and your landscaper isn’t insured then you can be held financially liable for damage to property or anyone that has been hurt because of their work.  In a nutshell if they make a mistake you can lose your shirt in a lawsuit.

Lacking Equipment

Bigger projects sometimes require heavy equipment like a backhoe for instance but not all landscape companies have such equipment.  That means that they will have to rent equipment while working on your property and that costs money.  They will pass that cost on to you and drive up the price of the work you need done.  If you have a big landscaping job or you are hiring for commercial property then you need a landscaping company that is big enough to take on the job.

Working with a Lawn Care Company

First there is nothing wrong with using a lawn care company…if you only want your lawn cut.  However a lawn care company doesn’t have the skill nor the equipment to handle actual landscaping.  Chances are no one on staff has a degree in botany or a related field, they have no experience with landscape design and aren’t up for the task.  Don’t waste your time or your money if they can’t handle the project you have.