Inspect the Plumbing When You Buy a Home

Inspect the Plumbing When You Buy a Home

There are key steps to follow when buying a new home, one of the most important ones is getting your home inspection done.  Even people who have never bought a home before can spot big issues like cracked foundations or creaky flooring but it is things like furnaces, water heaters, and plumbing that will end up costing you big bucks if something goes wrong.  You need to inspect the plumbing when you buy a home and here is the how and why.

Look at the Sewer Pipes

A functioning plumbing system has two functions, to bring you clean water and to remove the dirty waste water.  Your sewer pipes are what takes away the dirty water away from the home.  If there are problems with your sewer lines, such as a clog or broken pipe then you run the risk of having raw sewage back up into your home and that is a headache you don’t want.  Fixing them can entail digging up your yard to get at the broken pipe.

Video Inspection

Today plumbing companies and home inspectors rely on video technology to see if there are any problems with your pipes. In the past when there was a problem the yard had to be dug up so a visual inspection could be done.  Today a fiber optic cable with a camera at the end can be put down the pipes to give you a thorough inspection.  You can know exactly what is wrong and more importantly where in your pipes the problem lies.

Looking for Tree Roots

If you have trees on your property then you have tree roots.  Tree roots go through the soil and they search for water, guess what your pipes are full of…water.  Tree roots can destroy your underground pipes, they can actually rip into the pipe itself and cause thousands of dollars in damage.  Small roots can actually bend the pipe and slow the flow of sewage coming from your home.

Look for Clogs

Big clogs will stop the flow of water all together and cause sewage to back up into your home. Small clogs slow down the flow of water and you may find your bathtub or shower slow to drain.  You get clogs from buildup and debris in your pipes, small clogs are actually pretty easy to remove they can actually be flushed out with hydrojetting.  Bigger clogs may require parts of the pipe to be replaced, it is best to know ahead of time if there are any issues.

Checking for Old Pipes

Just touring a potential home doesn’t really tell you how old your pipes are, only a thorough inspection will do that.  Once you have the entire sewer line inspected then you know what you need to repair and what you need to replace. That way the price you offer for the home reflects any repairs you need to do or you can negotiate with the homeowner to have it fixed before you take possession.